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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the story of the hills by The Weeknd?

Originally nicknamed “Mood Music” and first teased in a live performance at SXSW, the narrative of “The Hills” is a sinking sexual affair. Abel sets the record straight about…

Where does The Weeknd live in Hidden Hills?

But he still can’t seem to offload his 12,547-square-foot mansion in Hidden Hills, California, which received a $3 million discount in December from its original $25 million listing price in June 2020.

Where does The Weeknd live in Los Angeles?

The Hidden Hills home has 7 bedrooms, 9 1/2 bathrooms and a full-sized basketball court. The house has dual owner’s bedrooms, an office, a fitness studio and a home theater. The three-time Grammy-winner purchased a $21 million penthouse in the Beverly West tower in Westwood in 2019 and rents a $60,000-per-month penthouse in Tribeca.

How much did The Weeknd buy his house?

Inside, there is a kitchen with two islands and a family room with a fireplace and a bar. The “Can’t Feel My Face” singer, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, purchased the home for $18.2 million in 2017, just after the house was built.

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