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Frequently Asked Questions

When does The Weeknd come out on tour?

The Weeknd Tour 2021 - 2022 | Tour Dates For All The Weeknd Concerts In 2021 and 2022! NOS Alive!

When does The Weeknd play at Staples Center?

The Weeknd shows at STAPLES Center on Friday August 13, 2021, Saturday August 14, 2021 & Sunday August 15, 2021 have been postponed until Friday March 18, 2022, Saturday March 19, 2022 & Sunday March 20, 2022. There is nothing you need to do as your tickets will be valid on the new date.

Who is the singer who performs under the name The Weeknd?

HALFTIME PERFORMANCE BROUGHT ME HERE!! Abel Tesfaye, who performs under the moniker The Weeknd, emerged shrouded in mystery in 2012, when he uploaded three tracks to YouTube that picked up near-immediate buzz -- despite the fact that nothing was known about the artist who posted them.

Why was The Weeknd at the halftime show?

He was at the halftime show and I just knew I needed to go to a concert. HALFTIME PERFORMANCE BROUGHT ME HERE!!

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