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Frequently Asked Questions

What theatre is "legitimate"?

Legitimate theater simply means serious drama, as opposed to farce and musical theater. This stems from the British Licensing Act of 1737, when patent theaters were licensed to perform serious dramas, while other theaters were forbidden to do so and could only stage comedies, musicals, pantomime, and melodramas.

What are some careers in theater?

Theater jobs include work in pre-production, performance, production, marketing, and theater operations. Some theater positions are permanent while others are seasonal or temporary. A theater manager, for example, is a permanent position that oversees theater operations and staff.

What is theatre experience?

The situation (writing the script, actors acting, sitting in a theatre house, etc.) may be made or fabricated, but the experience is completely real. Because the experience is real and vital, the theatre literally creates the world in which we live, at least during the actual experience.

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