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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the default theme in Power BI?

Starting out, we can export out the base theme to see the default JSON theme file. As seen in the image below, the JSON theme file is a simple list of data colors, background colors, and foreground colors. For this particular example, you will notice the name of the theme is Classroom, which is one of the default themes available in Power BI.

Is the Kratos BI Power BI theme generator any good?

The Power BI Theme generator didn't have all of the capabilities that exist when you hand-code the settings for each visual, but this entire process was MUCH more natural, and I consider that to be a fair trade. The Kratos BI Visuals and new Kratos BI Power BI Theme is available for you as part of Getting Started with Power BI.

Is there a way to add color palettes in Power BI?

The Excel file here ( allows you to pull the color palette from an Excel theme or just enter your own hexcodes as color options. Then you can set global and visual-level properties using dropdowns with allowed options from the Power BI documentation.

What is the Power BI advanced themes enhancement?

This enhancement provides the distinct ability to set the major formatting options for a Power BI Dashboard with ease. Before we get into the details on the advanced themes functionality, be sure to download the latest version of Power BI desktop .

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