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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get the Big Picture in Theme Park Tycoon 2?

Clicking the panel will open a menu which allows you to change the image using suggested images, your decals, adding a decal ID directly, or searching decals on Roblox. This item is used to achieve " The big picture! " In the appearance menu, you are able to select what colour the backside of the image will be.

How to make a hole in Theme Park Tycoon 2?

Completion suggestion: Dig a 6x6 hole all the way to the lowest point on the map. Place a fire ball in the middle of the hole. Build an adjacent one around the center of the First fireball.

How to get Promode in Theme Park Tycoon 2?

Task: Get at least 10 likes on your park. Completion suggestion: Make an alt and like your park with your alt. Repeat until 10 likes. Reward: Shiny thumbs up Welcome back again! Task: Claim your daily bonus at least 10 times. (Does not have to be 10 in a row. Save before leaving to ensure credit is given.)

What are all the Tycoon games?

Tycoon Games are Business simulation games which are also known as economic simulation games that focus on the management of economic processes. These all usually are in the form of businesses. There are many games in this genre which have been designed around numerous different enterprises.

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