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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ark the best WordPress theme?

There is just huge amount of features in The Ark. We have created this “never-before-seen” beast, which has been called the best WordPress theme in the world by many of it’s users and is currently rewriting the history.

How do I save and update my Ark theme?

Other themes will reload their admin screens under your hands, making you wait up to 20 seconds to continue working. Ark will instantly save in the background (AJAX) and even update the front-end of your website. 1 Press the Quick Save™ button. 2 Changes refresh automatically.

What kind of websites can we create with Ark?

We can create any kind of website, powered with the Ark theme. After 10 years in WordPress development, we can code anything. Fresh Builder, the #1 pagebuilder, years ahead of any competition. We capitalised our 10 years of agency work experience and finally made the page builder useful for freelancers.

Is Ark so intuitive?

“Ark is so intuitive! I love it!” I'm not a super tech-savvy person; I'm a writer! And yet I was able to make a small business website pretty fast. I tried another theme (because I already had a license) for my personal page but I could not use it. It seemed so clunky and hard to use compared to the Ark. Ark is so intuitive!

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