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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main theory behind the theory of constraints?

The Theory of Constraints is a series of techniques for sound decision-making during project management and coordination. The theory states that a low number of constraints can hinder any management system from successfully meeting its goals.

Can theory of constraints help a business succeed?

Theory of Constraints is a broadly applicable approach to managing business operations within an organization. Basically, the theory of constraints is a management philosophy designed to help organizations achieve their goals. The idea is to identify the goals of the organization, identify the factors that hinder the achievement of those goals, and then improve the business operations by continuously striving to mitigate or eliminate the limiting factors.

How does theory of constraints work in it?

The theory of constraints (TOC) states that every process or operation in a business consists of a series of interrelated activities and amongst those activities lies a weak link or limiting factor that hinders the output of the whole process. Hence, the business organizations and individuals can optimize or improve their business processes by focusing their attention on managing, improving or optimizing the performance of those weak links or limiting factors.

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