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Frequently Asked Questions

Did people really evolve from apes?

The simple answer is that humans did not evolve from apes: both apes, humans, and other primates evolved from a common ancestor. The common ancestor was probably more similar to apes than humans in terms of appearance. It is estimated that this lineage branched apart 8 million years ago – one...

Why humans did not evolve from apes?

This is why chimpanzees cannot become humans, they don’t have the right mutations. However this also means that humans can’t evolve into chimpanzees because we don’t have the right number of chromosomes or the right mutations.

What did apes evolve from?

Apes are primates evolved from proto-primates, tree-dwelling squirrel-sized mammals that lived at the end of the age of dinosaurs 65 million years ago; and they are descended from the earliest mammals 60 million years before that and from the ancestors going back to the roots of the tree of life on our planet.

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