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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the theory of the Earth?

Theory of the Earth was a publication by James Hutton which laid the foundations for geology. [1] [2] In it he showed that the Earth is the product of natural forces. What could be seen happening today, over long periods of time, could produce what we see in the rocks.

What is growing Earth theory?

Growing Earth Theory (Expanding Earth Theory) Growing Earth (Expanding Earth hypothesis) suggest that instead of the supercontinents theory the planet has expanded from its original supercontinent that was the whole Earth's surface, or, fitted together better on a planet with a smaller volume.

What is expanding Earth theory?

Expanding earth theory is the position that the Earth is physically expanding in diameter, mass, or both. Most geologists reject it since there is no mechanism for it, although some geologists such as James Maxlow accept it because the continent boundaries have a better than 99% fit together.

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