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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wire an attic fan thermostat?

Insert the end of the 12/2 wire into the fans junction box. Strip away about 6 inches of outer insulation and 1/2-inch of individual insulation from the end of each wire. Use wire nuts to connect the black wire from the 12/2 wire to the black or red wire in the attic fan, the white wire to the white wire in the attic fan and the two ground wires.

What does the fan switch on my thermostat do?

"AUTO" on the fan switch on your thermostat is the normal switch position for the fan control. Setting the fan control to "AUTO" will allow the fan to turn on when the air conditioning system (or heating system) are ready to blow cool (or warm) air into the building, and to turn off automatically when cooling or heating are not needed.

What is thermostat temp for electric fan?

Depending on the model, the thermostat (sending unit) triggers the fan on at 185°F. and off at 165°F. or on at 195°F. and off at 175°F. A toggle switch can be wired into the system to manually override the cycling of the fan. Pre-wired connector plugs into fan connector and the red wire is routed to the relay via an inline crimp connector.

What temperature should an attic fan be set at?

Attic Fan Temperature Setting. Most attic fans operate with a thermostat that automatically turns the fan on and off based on a temperature the homeowner sets. Most manufacturers and contractors recommend a temperature setting between 100 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

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