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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended setting for a thermostat?

Finding and setting your home at the right temperature is the first goal. Recommended thermostat settings during the winter or at least the best starting point for the cold season is 68°F. In the summer months, recommended thermostat settings is that of 76°F degrees (again for the starting point).

Is there a perfect temperature to set your thermostat?

This depends on other factors, such as insulation, windows and doors. Since constantly adjusting the thermostat uses more energy than picking a temperature and sticking with it, the best temperature is wherever you feel most comfortable. This might be 68° F, or it might be a little warmer or colder.

How do I Set my thermostat?

Programming Your Thermostat Read the manual. Determine your schedule. Program time and date information. Press the “set” or “program” button. Press “set” or “program” again to set a temperature. Set the “leave” time and temperature. Set the “return” time and temperature. Set the “sleep” time and temperature. Repeat the process for the weekend.

How much do you set the thermostat?

When you're at home during the daytime, try to keep the thermostat set between 68° and 72° F (20-22° C). At night or when you're away, set it to 62-66° F (17-19° C).

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