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Frequently Asked Questions

How does an oil cooler thermostat work?

Oil thermostats perform the critical function of bypassing the oil cooler until the oil has reached its minimum operating temperature. The thermostat features female -10AN O-ring boss threads and is available with optional fittings in 3/8" or 1/2'' hose barb or AN fittings in -6AN, -8AN, -10AN, or -12AN.

What kind of oil thermostat do I Need?

Flow Series Compact remote inline oil thermostat for transmissions, differentials, and small engines, 145F Thermostat, Fluid Control, Aluminum, Natural, 3/8 in. NPT Female Threads, Each

Where can I get a vintage oil cooler?

Be sure to check out our Vintage Oil Coolers page; We’ve got oil coolers in-stock for nearly everything from AT-6’s and B-17’s to P-51 Mustang radiators and engine oil coolers. And there is no other place in the world that overhauls and repairs more Vintage aviation oil coolers than we do.

What kind of oil cooler does improved racing use?

Made in the USA. Improved Racing's Flow Series Motor Sport (FSM) oil thermostat is a universal solution that can be used with any oil cooler on any vehicle or industrial application flowing up to 20 GPM (75.71 LPM).

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