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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wiring do you need for a Honeywell thermostat?

Lastly, always make sure you know what type of system you have before doing any wiring. That is a basic Honeywell thermostat wiring diagram for a single-stage heat pump. If you have a two-stage heat pump, then you will also utilize terminal Y2 for the second stage.

What kind of valve is Honeywell v8043e1012?

Product Overview: Honeywell V8043E1012 3/4" Sweat Zone Valve – Youtube – Honeywell Zone Valve Wiring Diagram Additionally, Wiring Diagram gives you the time frame in which the tasks are for being completed.

How is a cool only thermostat wiring diagram different?

“Cool only” thermostat wiring diagram will mirror the above instructions except you use the Y terminal instead of the W terminal. Lastly, the terminal points where you connect the wire is typically in the wall plate and not on the thermostat itself. White-Rodgers shows a slightly different type of wiring diagram that mirrors a ladder logic diagram.

Where does a heat pump wire go on a thermostat?

A heat pump runs your compressor for both heating and cooling. If you don’t know your system type, place this wire into the W terminal. If you have a heat pump system, place it into the O/B terminal.

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