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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the letters W and W mean on a thermostat?

W, W1, W2: Just like the Y wire, the W wire (s) control the heating aspect of your system. O, B, O/B: These wires are responsible for switching the changeover valve in a heat pump system. The O wire reverses the valve from heating to cooling, and the B wire switches the valve from cooling to heating.

What does the your wire on a thermostat mean?

If you have both an Rh and an Rc wire, the former powers the heating and the latter powers the cooling (using two separate transformers). If, for example, you have an R wire and an Rc wire, the R wire controls the heating system.

What do the letters mean on a Honeywell thermostat?

L: This terminal is designated for indicator lights on the thermostat, sometimes for when auxiliary or emergency heat is turned on, or if there’s a general problem with your system. K: Honeywell wire saver modules combine the Y and G wires to form a single K wire that connects to the K terminal on some Honeywell thermostats.

How is a cool only thermostat wiring diagram different?

“Cool only” thermostat wiring diagram will mirror the above instructions except you use the Y terminal instead of the W terminal. Lastly, the terminal points where you connect the wire is typically in the wall plate and not on the thermostat itself. White-Rodgers shows a slightly different type of wiring diagram that mirrors a ladder logic diagram.

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