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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wire a thermostat?

Twist the wires to the connectors on the back of the thermostat or follow the directions provided with the manufacturer's instructions. Attach the thermostat face to the new wall plate. Push all wires back into the wall, and slide the plate onto the wall plate.

What is the RC wire on a thermostat?

Two thermostat wires that are critical to the operation of the thermostat are the RH wire and the RC wire. The RC wire (C for Cooling), if connected properly, controls your HVAC cooling. The RH wire (H for Heating) provides power to your HVAC heating.

What does my thermostat wiring mean?

A thermostat is wired to a furnace or air conditioner unit and acts as a switch to turn the unit on and off automatically , based on the thermostat's temperature setting and/or programmed time schedule.

What is the wire gauge for a thermostat connection?

18 gauge thermostat wire is recommended for any distances up to 250 feet. For shorter runs use 20 gauge . A thermostat wire uses low voltage signals to transfer data.

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