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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you program A Trane thermostat?

Programming a Trane thermostat begins with selecting the comfort control you want to set. Set the clock or day schedule, and press the up and down buttons to select the weekday start time. Follow the same procedure to set the periods for leave, sleep, return and weekends.

What is the deadband on a thermostat?

On thermostats that automatically control both heating and cooling systems, a deadband is a temperature range in which neither system turns on. The deadband prevents the thermostat from activating heat and cooling in rapid succession.

What is Trane furnaces?

Trane manufactures oil and gas furnaces that are energy efficient. Four categories of furnaces are included in the Trane product line: XC Communicating, XV Two-Stage, XL Two-Stage, XT Single-Stage, XR Single-Stage, XB Single-Stage, and the Oil Furnace. The Trane XC95m has the capacity to achieve up to a 95% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency).

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