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Frequently Asked Questions

What does plump for mean?

The definition of plump is someone or something that is slightly fat but often in a pleasing way. An example of plump is a chubby little baby.

Is plump a noun?

Plump(noun) a knot; a cluster; a group; a crowd; a flock; as, a plump of trees, fowls, or spears. Plump(adj) to grow plump; to swell out; as, her cheeks have plumped. Plump(adj) to drop or fall suddenly or heavily, all at once.

What does Plumper mean?

plumper(Noun) Hence, something carried in the mouth to distend the cheeks. plumper(Noun) In elections, a vote given to one candidate only, when two or more are to be elected, thus giving him or her the advantage over the others; a person who gives his or her vote thus is said to plump, or to plump his or her vote.

What is a sentence for plump?

Examples of plump in a Sentence. Brian Wong: So, grape to raisin, you have to plump the raisin. Paula Simpson: If the skin cell walls are plump and healthy, the skin will look more hydrated and dewy as well.

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