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Frequently Asked Questions

What are function of Thesaurus?

Functions of a thesaurus / classification /ontological knowledge baseOverview Provide a semantic road map to individual fields and the relationships among fields.Map out a concept space, relate concepts to terms, and provide definitions, thus providingorientation and serving as a reference tool.

What is a synonym for functioning?

Synonyms for Functioning: adj. •acting (adjective) operating, deputy, pro tem, practicing, temporary, working, alternate, performing, acting, surrogate. n. v. •acting (verb) exercising, officiating, Doing, Endeavoring, appearing, reacting, conducting, Behaving, executing, moving, Transacting, Comporting, laboring, Perpetrating.

Is function a noun?

Function of Noun. The basic function of a noun is to identify people, ideas, things, and places, and name them. A noun performs many other functions, as it may serve as a subject, a direct object, an indirect object, an object of preposition, a predicate nominative, and an object complement.

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