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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for fungibly?

Synonyms for fungible. commutable, exchangeable, interchangeable, substitutable, switchable.

What is the noun for fungible?

The word 'fungible' is an adjective. The noun is 'fungibility' . Before a commodity can be traded on a commodity exchange it must be fungible. One bar of gold must be tradable or exchangeable for another bar of gold, or two bars that are half the size and weight.

What is fungible things?

Definition and examples Examples of fungible. Examples of fungible goods include oil, bonds, gold and other precious metals, money, and unopened items of consumer products on store shelves such as boxes of oatmeal ... Fungilibity vs. liquidity. ... Fungible sometimes subjective. Imagine you borrow $10 from Alice. ... Other cases of fungibility or non-fungibility. ...

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