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Frequently Asked Questions

Is funky a bad word?

However, the modern sense of a musical genre and the Black English term funky for something excellent both derive from the surviving American sense of funk for a bad smell. The word funky was around in the 1920s to refer to an obnoxious smell, especially to refer to a person who smelled bad, say of sweat.

What does funky mean, exactly?

The definition of funky is something that smells bad or it is something artistic, modern, unconventional or cool. Old smelly socks are an example of something that would be described as funky.

What does funk or funky really mean?

Funky (n.) having an earthy, unsophisticated style or feeling; in (Music), earthy and seemingly unsophisticated, having elements of black American blues and gospel. See 2nd funk, n. offbeat, unconventional or eccentric.

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