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Frequently Asked Questions

What are they live aliens?

They Live Aliens are a strange race of sentient humanoid aliens. The aliens have a vaguely similar body structure to humans, enough that they can convincingly disguise themselves. However, they have blue skin, bulging eyes, and no lips.

What are the blue aliens in they live?

The Blue Aliens are the eponymous main antagonists of the 1988 John Carpenter film They Live . These beings came from outer space and want to control the wealth and political powers of Earth. They were able to take over by using a giant satellite dish that will make the blue aliens look just like ordinary people to regular humans.

Is ‘they live’ a science fiction movie?

It’s not science fiction.” Based on Ray Nelson’s 1963 short story “Eight O’Clock in the Morning,” They Live centers on a blue-collar cipher symbolically named John Nada (Roddy Piper). The setting of the film is also nada; it’s ostensibly Los Angeles, but the time frame is pitched somewhere between a dystopian future and a pessimistic present.

What is the movie they live about?

They Live (titled onscreen as John Carpenter's They Live) is a 1988 American science fiction action film written and directed by John Carpenter, based on the 1963 short story "Eight O'Clock in the Morning" by Ray Nelson.

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