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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of the word thin?

1a : having little extent from one surface to its opposite thin paper. b : measuring little in cross section or diameter thin rope.

How to use thin as a command line tool?

Store the server process ID, log to a file and daemonize: Thin is quite flexible in that many options can be specified at the command line (see thin -h for more). You can create a configuration file using thin config -C config/thin.yml. You can then use it with all commands, such as: thin start -C config/thin.yml.

Which is the best definition of thin margin?

a thin margin/profit margin. COMMERCE. a situation in which there is only a small difference between the total cost of making and selling something and the price it is sold for, or between the total amount of money a company receives from sales and the total cost of producing all its products and services:

What's the definition of a thin slice of pork?

— Ashely Fetters Washington Post, Star Tribune, 16 July 2021 The pork is thin -sliced, marinated and twice-fried to the most exquisite crispy, then bathed in a beautifully balanced, gently thickened sauce of sugar and vinegar.

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