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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Ticketmaster fees so high?

Why Are Ticketing and Reseller Fees So High? The advent of online ticketing has not led to lower fees. A major reason is that Ticketmaster does not face serious competition, as it controls 80% of the ticket market, and because Live Nation manages over 500 major music artists, they can force venues to use Ticketmaster exclusively.

Do Ticketmaster scalp its own tickets?

Ticketmaster To Scalp Its Own Tickets : Planet Money When everybody wants a seat, the price of a ticket may rise. When there are lots of unsold tickets, the price will fall. This strategy makes simple economic sense, but it also poses some risks.

How much do master tickets cost?

Masters tickets lottery winners will be notified in September. How much are Masters tickets? Practice-round Masters tickets are $75 each; tournament days are $115. How do I purchase Masters tickets if I win the lottery? You must provide your credit card information online to purchase your Masters tickets.

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