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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jeff Dunham a ventriloquist?

There may be nothing Jeff Dunham won't say, at least not when he's attached to one of his puppet companions. Dunham's wildly original combination of ventriloquism and no-holds-barred comedy has made him one of America's most unpredictable and most popular entertainers.

How did Jeff Dunham get famous on YouTube?

Millions discovered Dunham's particular brand of lunacy through his first solo special on Comedy Central and his first DVD, Jeff Dunham: Arguing With Myself. Clips featuring Dunham's most controversial character — Achmed the Dead Terrorist — were among YouTube's most popular videos on the new platform.

Is Jeff Dunham on Netflix's passively aggressive?

In 2017, he starred in his first Netflix special — Jeff Dunham: Relative Disaster, filmed in Dublin, Ireland — and introduce audiences to Passively Aggressive, the show that's already sent him and his friends all over the globe.

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