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Frequently Asked Questions

How are Ticketmaster ticket prices and fees determined?

How are ticket prices and fees determined? The standard tickets sold on Ticketmaster are owned by our clients (venues, sports teams or other event promoters) who determine the number of tickets to be sold and set the face value price.

How does Ticketmaster make money on resale tickets?

Ticketmaster and all resale sites charge so called Service Fee which is going to be their revenue. If there’s a site that doesn’t charge service fee, then they add fees to the ticket price itself. Ticketmaster is the box office so their ticket price is the actual price unless they disclose it’s a resale ticket.

Does Ticketmaster sell verified tickets to all events?

Very much so, though not all events with tickets being resold on Ticketmaster are sold through the Ticketmaster Verified Tickets program. Events and venues where Ticketmaster is the main ticket distributor will result in the use of Ticketmaster Verified Tickets.

How do TM clients get paid to sell tickets?

TM clients typically set the face price of their tickets. In exchange for the rights to sell their tickets TM also usually give their clients a portion of the fees they collect such as the service fee/charge, order processing fee, and sometimes the delivery fee (each described below).

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