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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the free essential companion ticket policy?

As more accessible tickets are sold online and to help ensure accessible tickets are convenient to book, Free Essential Companion tickets are only available to disabled fans that require them (please be aware the free companion policy may not be applicable on/for every event/venue).

How do I book accessible tickets on Ticketmaster?

Just click the Accessible Tickets icon - you'll see it on each event on our website ( to find out how to book accessible tickets or read the guide below. If we're not selling accessible tickets for the event you’re interested in, click the accessible icon on the event page for all the info you need to contact the venue.

Do you sell accessible seats online?

We'll sell accessible seats online wherever possible. If we are selling tickets online, just follow the instructions you see when you click on the accessible icon and you can complete your booking from there, you will need send us proof of disability after you've made your booking see (Accessible tickets online verification) below.

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