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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best site to buy tickets?

Online City Tickets is one of the most popular resale ticket marketplaces. When you visit the site it’ll detect your location based on your IP address and present you with a list of upcoming shows in your area that you can buy tickets for.

How do I Sell my Tickets?

Selling Your Tickets Online Choose which resale websites to post your tickets to. Register for the sites you chose and post your listing. Check comparable listings to set a good price for your tickets. Choose how you’d like to be paid. Promote your listing on social media. Transfer ownership of the tickets once they have been purchased.

When to buy concert tickets?

Based on the pattern above, the best time to buy a concert ticket is about 55 days before a show (the earlier the better). If that time has passed, then you’re better off waiting until the day of the show to buy your ticket as prices are likely to gradually fall over the last 30-35 days.

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