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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word tight?

adj. tight·er, tight·est. 1. Fixed or fastened firmly in place: a tight lid; tight screws; a tight knot. 2. Stretched or drawn out fully: a tight wire; a tight drumhead. 3. Of such close construction as to be impermeable: cloth tight enough to hold water; warm in our tight little cabin.

What is the difference between tighttight and invulnerable?

tight - set so close together as to be invulnerable to penetration; "in tight formation"; "a tight blockade". invulnerable - immune to attack; impregnable; "gunners raked the beach from invulnerable positions on the cliffs".

What is the meaning of tight hand?

5a : characterized by firmness or strictness in control or application or in attention to details tight security ran a tight newsroom keeps a tight hand on her investments. b : marked by control or discipline in expression or style : having little or no extraneous matter tight writing.

What is the meaning of tight roof?

difficult to deal with or manage: to be in a tight situation. of such close or compacted texture, or fitted together so closely, as to be impervious to water, air, steam, etc.: a good, tight roof.

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