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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there data caps for Internet service providers?

Our experts dig into data caps: what they are, why internet providers use them, and how to avoid seeing overage charges on your monthly bill. Data cap, data allowance, data usage—whatever you call it, the limit your internet service provider (ISP) puts on your internet usage can be a real pain and a big expense.

Where does the Time Warner Cable logo come from?

Time Warner Cable's final logo used until the acquisition with Charter Communications. Time Warner Center, formerly the headquarters of the company in New York City. It was shared by its namesake, but now unrelated company, Time Warner.

Is there a data cap for CenturyLink Fiber?

CenturyLink caps most of its plans at 1,024 GB, but users of Fiber Gigabit get unlimited internet—and so do folks in CenturyLink’s low-income household programs. What happens if I exceed my CenturyLink data allowance?

When did Time Warner Cable become an independent company?

From 2009 to 2016, Time Warner Cable was an entirely independent company, continuing to use the Time Warner name under license from its former parent (including the "Road Runner" name for its Internet service, now Spectrum Internet).

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