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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up call forwarding remotely?

Activate Remote Call Forwarding Dial the special access number assigned to you. Dial your 7 or 10-digit home telephone number. Dial your PIN. Press 72#. Dial the forward-to number, including 1+ area code if required. Follow the voice instructions to confirm or change the forward-to number.

How do you deactivate call forwarding?

To deactivate call forwarding: Press the Forward button. The light should turn off. This indicates that call forwarding has been deactivated. Call forwarding can also be deactivated by accessing the dial tone and entering #30. You will hear a confirmation tone.

How do you cancel call forwarding?

Cancel call forwarding From any Home screen, select Menu. Scroll to and select Settings. Scroll to and select Call settings. Scroll to and select Call forwarding. Select Voice Calls. Select All Voice Calls. Select Deactivate. Select OK.

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