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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between CST and IST?

CST is Central Standard Time observed in North America and Central America while IST stands for India Standard Time that is observed across whole of India. While IST is 5:30 hours ahead of GMT, CST is 6 hours behind GMT. This means that IST is in effect +11:30 of CST.

What is IST India?

India Standard Time (IST) is 5:30 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). This time zone is in use during standard time in: Asia. India Standard Time is a half-hour time zone. Its local time differs by 30 minutes instead of the normal whole hour.

What time is CST to est?

“CST” and “EST” are two abbreviated time zones that are in the Eastern half of the United States. The time zone difference means that there are certain states and cities that are experiencing one time, for example, 8:00 p.m., which in the next time zone over there are other places that are at 7:00 p.m.

What is BST to est?

This time zone converter lets you visually and very quickly convert BST to EST and vice-versa. Simply mouse over the colored hour-tiles and glance at the hours selected by the column... and done! BST stands for British Summer Time. EST is known as Eastern Standard Time. EST is 5 hours behind BST.

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