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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does time4learning cost?

How much does Time4Learning cost? For grades PreK through 8, Time4Learning costs $19.95 per month. High school membership runs $30 monthly for four courses. You can add extra courses for $5 per month for each class. Discounts available. Each additional student in PreK through eighth grade costs $14.95 monthly.

Is time4learning good?

Time4Learning is one of the most respected and exciting programs you will find for your child. This system is designed to be highly interactive: they really do a good job of getting your child excited about learning and willing to do the work. Most important, the curriculum teaches high-level education,...

Is time4learning homeschool accredited?

While this award winning program is not an accredited school (since it is a curriculum and not a school) accredited schools use Time4Learning. Time4Learning You can use Time4Learning as a complete homeschool program, a supplemental program, afterschool program, summer enrichment and more.

When was time4learning made?

Founded in the fall of 2003, Time4Learning launched its online education service in the spring of 2004. Initially, the company offered an online curriculum for PreK-3 and started with a handful of employees answering calls and working from founder John Edelson’s living room.

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