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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the time4learning program a good program?

It is a good homeschool program. The curriculum is very good. We love the interactive nature of the curriculum. We used Time4Learning for the first time last school year. This year, we are using the curriculum again, as well as some other resources to meet all the requirements of our state.

Do you think time4learning is a good book?

Great lessons for a great price and makes learning fun. Time4Learning has put him in charge of his own education, and in that way empowered him. My son is very reluctant when it comes to school. He just doesn’t care for school. Homeschooling was becoming a fight every day, and it was draining both him and me.

Is the time4learning app good for high school?

One graduated last year, having used it from 2nd grade all the way through high school. The other has used it since PreK and will be starting 9th grade soon. Customer service has always been very responsive and helpful when needed.

How does time4learning make it easier to homeschool?

Time4learning has made it easier to… Time4learning has made it easier to homeschool, it helps the kids and the parents at the same time. I love the curriculum! It Has everything you need for each school year.

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