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Frequently Asked Questions

What do kids learn in the time4learning program?

Children learn pre-reading and pre-math skills. Time4Learning offers fundamental concepts for math, language arts, and science. Students will learn letters, sounds, words, reading sight words, and even begin to construct simple sentences with the language arts program.

What are the best reviews of time4learning?

Time4Learning is very user friendly and organized to make it easy for parents and children. Student paced, fun interactive program. Parents can set and reset the content their child isable to complete, Truly the first parent involved student paced learning platform I have come across. I'm very happy to found it. Beautiful.

Is the time4learning website an accredited school?

Time4Learning is a curriculum provider rather than a school. That means they cannot be accredited, and they don't issue report cards or diplomas. Parents have their own login where they can set up student lesson plans and assignments as well as access records of student work.

Is there a deadline for time4learning review?

Every curriculum, either for a preschooler or high school student, does not have strict deadlines, they’re only recommended for the parents to keep track of student performance related to any specific subject. Parents who have registered the accounts have a unique login to enter the profile.

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