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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a bot with a countdown timer and that sends a message?

Is there a bot with a countdown timer and that sends a message when the timer is out? Hey there /u/flybetter! Usually, asking on the subreddit isn't a good idea. You should rather take a look at this list of online resources for finding a bot.

How to make a countdown timer on discord.js?

I have a discord bot, and I want to make a command where, whenever someone writes " (prefix)count x seconds", the bot will count down, and when that time is over, send a @mention to the person on the same server. Thanks! Alright, sorry for the delay, went to bed.

How can I make a bot to make a countdown?

I am trying to make a bot that if you told it to make a countdown to e.g. 7:00 pm, it would make a countdown to that time, then send a message e.g. @everyone countdown finished and I want it if the user typed cancel, the countdown cancels I already made everything except the countdown and the message after the countdown

How does a discord bot count down time?

Counts down to a given time by continuously editing the message. Basically, a timer for your discord server. A discord bot that counts down to a given time. What's the secret? It does this by continuously editing the message as each minute passes by. Shows the help message. Commands can also be inlined, by wrapping it between two exclamation marks.

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