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Frequently Asked Questions

How to implement a timer in appdesigner-MATLAB Answers?

I try to implement a timer (periodic 2ms) in Matlab AppDesiner (2016a). When the timer executes i will read data from a USB buffer. My problem is to set up the timer correctly so that the callback function TimerFcn is started. Sign in to answer this question.

How to create an app with a timer object?

Writing a callback for an object created programmatically (in this case, the timer object) Configuring a timer object to execute its callback at regular intervals Starting the timer when the user clicks the Start button Stopping the timer when the user clicks the Stop button You have a modified version of this example.

How to set a timer in startup function?

There are a few ways of doing this, but here's one way... 2) In your startup function, create your timer object, assign it to the custom property, and configure your timer callback. Something like this: app.myTimer = timer ('Period',2,...

Is the MATLAB app designer part of MATLAB basic?

MATLAB App Designer Being part of MATLAB basic package, App Designer enables to conveniently design graphical user interfaces by dragging and dropping visual components. Actions and processes are meant to be implemented in the well-known MATLAB programming language.

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