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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the ratings on a tire mean?

Tire ratings are standardized ratings which are used to convey information to consumers about tire safety and the appropriate conditions for specific types of tires. Some ratings are printed right on the tire, while others can be found in databases maintained by government agencies which perform tire ratings.

What does 94v mean on tire ratings?

94V: 94 is a measurement of the tire's load index, or how much weight each tire can support. This number is not required by law to appear on all tires (it is included elsewhere on your tire sidewall). A 94 will support 1,477 pounds.

Does speed rating of my tires really matter?

Tire Speed Rating and Why It Matters. The tire speed rating is the maximum speed tires can safely carry a load (the original weight of your vehicle plus whatever's in it) for a sustained amount of time in ideal conditions.

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