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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of funding does USC Title 10 use?

funds as security assistance administrative funds (SAAF). USC Title 10 Programs. The Title 10 programs are programs that may require SCO involvement. The GCCMD centrally manage Title 10 program funding. Title 10 provides funding to support a variety of programs to include cooperative engagement, U.S. ship visits or

Who is in charge of US security assistance?

The State Department supervises and directs the U.S. government's security assistance programs, in consultation and coordination with the Defense Department and other government entities.

What are Title 10, 22, and 50?

Title 10, Title 22, and Title 50. The Code of Laws of the United States of America, or United States Code (U.S.C.), is the backbone of US legislation, comprised of all general and permanent federal laws. Containing a total of 51 titles, the U.S.C. establishes and governs the form, function, duties, and responsibilities of the US Government.

Who are the authorities for security assistance ( SA )?

All SA programs are subject to the continuous supervision and general direction of the Secretary of State to best serve U.S. foreign policy interests; however, programs are variously administered by DoD or Department of State (DoS). Those SA programs that are administered by DoD are a subset of SC. C1.2. - Authorities for Security Assistance

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