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Frequently Asked Questions

What are title 24 lighting requirements?

Title-24 Kitchen Lighting Requirements. Title-24 requires that 50% of the total kitchen lighting wattage use high efficacy fixtures. The balance of the total kitchen lighting wattage can be low-efficacy fixtures. Title-24 requires that you identify all fixtures in the kitchen lighting layout, their type and wattage.

What is title 24 lighting compliance?

Lighting power density (LPD) is a big part of Title 24 lighting compliance in commercial applications. Defined as "the total rated wattage of lighting fixtures used in a building or space per square foot," LPD essentially designates specific wattage allowances to specific spaces throughout a building.

What is title 24 energy requirements?

Essentially,Title 24 is a building permit requirement in California. In California, Title 24 energy calculation and compliance report is required prior to obtaining building permits for construction projects.

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