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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Title VII enforced in the workplace?

Title VII is enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. No person employed by a company covered by Title VII, or applying to work for that company, can be denied employment or treated differently with regard to any workplace decision on the basis of perceived racial, religious, national, sexual,...

When does Title VII of the Civil Rights Act apply?

Title VII applies to employers in both the private and public sectors that have 15 or more employees.

How is disparate treatment a violation of Title VII?

Discriminatory Policies in Violation of Title VII. Disparate treatment involves intentional discrimination by an employer. For example, a football league with the policy that women may not hold any decision-making position with the league probably would violate Title VII’s prohibition against sex discrimination.

What makes a practice religious under Title VII?

Under Title VII, a practice is religious if the employee's reason for the practice is religious. Social, political, or economic philosophies, or personal preferences, are not "religious" beliefs under Title VII. 3. What are some common religious accommodations sought in the workplace?

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