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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a title company during escrow?

Title Companies also Serve as the Escrow Officers These companies act as escrow officers by holding either money or any document under the instructions of either of the parties involved. This can be further explained by when the seller surrenders a signed deed to the company while the buyer gives the money to the company.

What is the difference between an escrow and title?

A title company is the one who issues the title insurance policies, while an escrow agency is the one who attends to the many details involved in opening, maintaining, and closing a real estate sale transaction. Title companies are almost always large, hugely diversified,...

What do you know about title and escrow?

The combined efforts of title and an escrow company offer maximum protection against any dangers to the process of closing a home. Titles offer protections against accidents and malicious acts that may negatively impact the interests of the buyer.

Can a title company conduct escrow?

YES, they most certainly can. Title companies play several key roles in matters concerning real estate transactions. They act as the agent of various parties involved in real estate transactions, including buyer, insurance company, and seller. One of their most important responsibilities is the handling of escrow accounts, which generally contain funds needed to close the deal.

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