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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find title service fees on my Closing Disclosure?

Title service fees are listed in section B or C of page 2 of your Loan Estimate (and in section B or C of page 2 of your Closing Disclosure ). If the title services are listed in Section C, you can shop for them separately . If you choose to purchase owner’s title insurance, it will be listed in section H of your Loan Estimate.

What is included in title service fee?

Title service fees include the title search fee, the premium for the lender’s title insurance policy, and other costs and services associated with issuing title insurance. In most states, the fee for conducting your closing is also a part of the title service fees.

How do you disclose title insurance on a losing disclosure?

Use of a credit specifying the remaining amount for the owner’s title insurance cost in the Summaries of Transactions table on page 3 of the losing Disclosure. This credit could be disclosed as a “simultaneous issue credit” in the “Summaries of Transactions” section.

How much does owner's title insurance cost?

Although the owner’s title insurance policy rate quoted by the title insurance company is $2,568, the cost of owner’s title insurance is disclosed as $1,593 on the TRID disclosures.

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