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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a NC car title?

A North Carolina car title is the document that shows proof of vehicle ownership. Obtain an NC car title by visiting a vehicle registration office managed by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles. The state requires drivers to obtain vehicle title and registration documents immediately after taking ownership of a new or used vehicle.

What is a national title company?

Nevada’s Premier Title Insurance & Escrow Company. National Title Co. is the premier Southern Nevada title company. Founded in 1984, our unprecedented stability and service derives from being family-owned and operated since the beginning.

What is title insurance in NC?

A title policy insures the condition of your title or ownership rights to a certain piece of property. Before a policy of title insurance can be issued in North Carolina, a title examination must be conducted under the supervision of an independent attorney licensed to practice law in North Carolina.

What is a title agency?

A title agency is a group of investors who provide insurance to guarantee that a home or property is legally eligible to be sold. This conclusion is reached after the title agency carefully examines several factors, and then a percentage of the total sale price is charged as a one time commission to the purchaser.

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