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Frequently Asked Questions

What is title insurance for lawyers?

Title Insurance. Lawyers Title offers customers the most complete real estate services in the nation. From title and escrow to mandatory disclosure, you can count on Lawyers Title for all your real estate needs.

Do title companies have lawyers?

Title companies do not practice law, but they will have an attorney on retainer or in house to take care of legal issues that arise. The title company may provide blank legal forms, contracts and promissory notes for example, but they will not advise.

Is title insurance required by law?

Title insurance is not required by law, however almost all lenders will require a lender’s title insurance policy as a condition of making their loan.

What is the difference between escrow and title?

Generally speaking, a title company is a more substantial operation with larger financial backing and stability, whereas escrow agencies are smaller, generally speaking. You can know the difference at a glance, as it must be said on virtually all of their materials the word “Agency”.

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