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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of title insurance?

Some factors that can affect the cost of your premium include the title search, examination, and expected cost of any title defects. The average cost of title insurance is $1,000 per policy, but that amount varies widely from state to state and depends on the price of your home.

Who normally pays for title insurance?

Usually, it is the seller who pays for the owner's title insurance. Remember, however, that this is customary but not mandatory. There are cases when the buyer is the one who pays.

Does buyer or seller pay title insurance?

Answer: In the typical home transaction, both the seller and buyer pay for title insurance, but with different names listed as "insured" under the title-insurance policies. In Arizona, the seller generally pays for an owner's title-insurance policy with the buyer as the named insured.

How much does a title cost?

A title search costs $75 to $200, in most cases. Those are the typical title company fees, at least. The cost depends on where you are, the value of the property and the company you pick, among other things.

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