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Frequently Asked Questions

What is title insurance and why is it important?

Title insurance is especially important for commercial property buyers, because it protects them from the unlikely yet all too feasible scenario that their purchase of a particular piece of real estate could be challenged by someone else also claiming ownership.

What is a title policy and why is it important?

A title policy also protects a buyer from the discovery of existing tax liens on a property, non-disclosed restrictions on the property’s use, mistakes in the public recording of the exchange of ownership, and even fraud and forgery. The title insurance policy covers the purchaser for up to the amount that the property was purchased for.

What are the benefits of title insurance?

One of the biggest benefits of having an owner’s title insurance policy is the clearing up of potential title issues prior to closing. According to the American Land Title Association (ALTA) roughly 25% of title examinations reveal a title issue that is then cleared up before closing.

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