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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a title search cost?

A title search on its own generally will cost you somewhere between $100 and $250, though that number varies by location, company and whether the title search cost is baked into a package deal.

How much are title searches?

The price for a title search depends on the type of home being researched. A title search for a typical single-family home can cost between $100-$250, while larger houses or different types of buildings can cost much more. This cost is usually paid to a title search company, either through a real estate agent or to the organization directly.

What is a title search company?

Title Company. A company that conducts a title search, which is research done to trace a title back to its original owner or back to some date dictated by statute. A title search is done before the sale of property to ensure that there are no competing claims for the same property.

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