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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a title search on my property?

Perform a title search through the county recorder's office. Property titles are public record, and anyone can actually search them, not just the property owner. With the property address, go to the county recorder's office and request a title deed search.

What is a certified title search?

A certified title search is a research project performed by a NALTEA certified title abstractor or title examiner who will do that research according to certain industry standards. In this video we discuss the differences and talk about why you might need a certified title search.

What is a title searcher?

Title examiners, sometimes called title searchers, are workers who scour property records to determine whether or not it can be sold.

What is Register of deeds?

A register of deeds is a record of real estate deeds or other land titles that is maintained by a local government official. The register of deeds will be used in conjunction with a grantor-grantee index that lists the owner of the record and any transfers of property.

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