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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to visit the titletec website?

This area is intended ONLY FOR AUTHORIZED USERS! Access by unauthorized personnel is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and subject to criminal as well as civil penalties. If you do not have WRITTEN authorization from TitleTec to enter this area of the website, YOU SHOULD EXIT IMMEDIATELY!

Can a car dealership use the titletec software?

TitleTec is granting the Dealership a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use TitleTec’s Nationwide Auto Titling Software (the “Software”) at a certain designated location. The Customer may not copy the Software or any hard copies of documents related to the Software except as instructed by TitleTec.

Which is the best software for title management?

Electronic Titling replaces those manual processes with a web-based, digital titling management solution that streamlines the titling process and gets your customers on the road quickly. And our Nationwide Auto Titling (NAT) solution automatically calculates taxes and fees for every vehicle you have to title,

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