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Frequently Asked Questions

What does titletec do for You?

TitleTec also provides the neccessary DMV transfer of title forms for all 50 states, and any other special trasfer related forms and paperwork required by each state. Copyright © 2015 TitleTec. All rights reserved. Over 6000 Automobile Dealers Trust TitleTec for Vehicle Title Transfer Solutions.

What is titletec's out-of-state title transfer solution?

TitleTec's solutions streamline the vehicle title transfer process for automobile dealerships and make out-of-state title work a breeze. Want to know how to transfer an auto title for an out-of-state customer? Transferring car titles can be tricky, and each state has a different set of rules.

Can I access the website without authorization from title technologies?

Access by unauthorized personnel is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and subject to criminal as well as civil penalties. If you do not have WRITTEN authorization from Title Technologies, Inc. to enter this area of the website, YOU SHOULD EXIT IMMEDIATELY!

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